sábado, febrero 25, 2006


pen, indian ink + watercolour

The teapot drinks of the cup... Oh! you don´t forget, the milk and lemon are there too.
Sometimes could be changed the norms, why not? can be very funny!

Hay veces en que se podrían cambiar las normas, ¿por qué no? ¡puede ser divertido! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous dijo...

Teahee, LOVE this!! Beautifully painted, very creative, smiling :)

str dijo...

I love this drawing, really there is life in it!! I want a lemon like this! And I'm agree with the idea of change the rules, we musn't forgive the others point of view.

rubio2d dijo...

je, je, ya quisiera la tetera de la bella y l abestia ser la mitad de genial que ésta!
El detalle de los zapatos de tacón es alucinante.
Una vuelta de tuerca interesante, me gusta!

AscenderRisesAbove dijo...

a fun original illustration; i like the light blending of the watercolors

cristosova dijo...

You are so versatile in style! Ah, si, ¿por qué no? Otherwise the poor kettle never gets to taste the tea including lemon and milk. Me encanta mucho!

Giles dijo...

Funny! Very nice style of drawing...quite lyrical. I like those splashes of orange too.


Arioch dijo...

Really beautiful concept!
the characters are funny but also sweet!
Poor Lemon...it looks so surprised not to be used...eh eh : P

Lu*** dijo...

-Anonymus, str: I appreciate yours comments, muchísimas gracias.

-Rubio2: ¡No te imaginas lo que significa para mí que a tí te guste esto!

- Ascenderrisesabove: I enjoing to mix the watercolors with any thing.

-Cris: Humm, I don´t knowt, either I love all styles, or I´m without defining, (bueno, de momento tomaré un té...)

-Giles: the teapot is a opera singer, yes,yes.

-Arioch: eih! the next time with lemon... ;)

sa dijo...