sábado, abril 08, 2006


The light is speedier!
According to the Theory of Special Relativity, in our Universe nothing can travel more speed than light in the vacuum.
SOL (speed of light) in the vacuum is approximately 186, 282.397 miles/second or 670,616,629.4 miles/h.

La velocidad de la luz en el vacío es de 300.000 km/s.
Según la teoría de la Relatividad Especial, en nuestro Universo nada puede viajar a mayor velocidad que la luz.
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cristosova dijo...

Dios mio!
670,616,629.4 miles/h?
I´d like to take a tour on that racing light bulb!
Another great style, Lu!

PS I love how friendly the moon waves him over :)

Anónimo dijo...

a mas de uno nos gustaría salir pitando a la velocidad de la luz de algunas situaciones. Me encanta el dibujo.

Lu*** dijo...

who knows! perhaps someday it will be possible to travel to the moon.
I´m in search, maybe... I have found. I don´t have a definite style ¿? I don´t know if it´s good or bad.
(I never stop looking about art)

si, eso o transportarse en el espacio; algunas veces sería ideal :)

cristosova dijo...

Lu, I know what you mean to never stop looking about art. I am not a trained artist so for me that is important to experiment... Sometimes it is hard to have a theme blog but I also noticed perhaps its this frame that you fully explore untill you move beyond.
I like that you are so versatile!

Lu*** dijo...

Cris, I believe you´re a great artist!! I know it ever since I found your blog.
I´m exactly a explorer, it´s true and I hope to share with you my experiences.
Your words make me feel very happy :))

sa dijo...