sábado, agosto 05, 2006


capturing hearts, look out!

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ultravioleta dijo...

inquietante, sin duda.
y los monitos dela semana pasada fantásticos, me recuerdan a mi hermano (un tal trufus).

stacey m dijo...

looks like we had a similar idea with capturing hearts, but yours is sooooooo much better! fantastic! i love the red juxtaposed against the sepias!

aynaku dijo...

hola, i'm captured by your captivating drawing!

and thank you for your comment...:)

Muffin dijo...

Oh, this is funny, I like it! :)

cristosova dijo...

Thanks for the warning! What will he/she (it?) been doing with all those hearts? Will there be a musical composition from them?
A real cool drwaing technique. I like how you went a bit wild with the crayons.

Mauricio dijo...


Rebuenas tus ilustraciones, siempre me gustó acuarela!

Saludos, nos vemos


Lhuis dijo...

ohhh, adorables acuarelas!

me encanta el color de esta última es sensacional!!!

tusen dijo...

oh, this is really scary and very interesting!

claudine hellmuth dijo...

oh! I love the cage filled with hearts!

Lu*** dijo...

Thanks to all for your opinions, un saludo!

ultravi: creo que veo a ese tal trufus mosqueado contigo... :D

Hi Cris: I´m sorry but the hearts
are his food...it´s hard and wild (for that reason I have used this technique;))
Happy vacation!!

Twovee dijo...

Que buena ilustración. Soprende y me parece de verdad.

carla dijo...

Quite a collection of catptured hearts! I love the colors and style of this piece...so many elemenmts of interest.

krisoft dijo...

J'aime beaucoup.Ta stylisation est très sympa.Je rapasserai..

sa dijo...